Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

A surgery involving the teeth, gums, tongue, lips or the soft tissues of the mouth is called an oral surgery. It may be recommended by your dentist when a tooth needs to be extracted when the gum tissues have suffered extensive damage or infection when the jawbone has deteriorated and during other complications.

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Different types of oral surgeries

  • Impacted wisdom teeth removal: Wisdom teeth, or the last set of molars to emerge, may sometimes get stuck in between the gums and the jawbone. Impacted wisdom teeth can get very complicated if not removed in the early stages itself. They can cause severe pain, a release of pus and develop an infection. Hence, dentists suggest that impacted teeth should be surgically removed to avoid undergoing pain and further complications.
  • Tooth extractions: A tooth may have to be extracted due to several reasons such as during an injury to the mouth, when the tooth is badly infected due to cavities or other infections, while treating malocclusion, etc. Prior to starting the surgery, the dentist would administer local anesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding soft tissues. It will be gripped firmly using forceps and pulled off in one go, and the patient wouldn’t even feel the pain.
  • Gum surgeries: There are different types of gum surgeries serving different purposes. When the gums have receded below their optimum level, a gum graft may have to be performed. Here, healthy gum tissues will be extracted from a different part of the mouth and grafted to the receded area. When the gums have developed an infection, the decayed tissues will have to be surgically removed. Sometimes, the gums may overgrow and look puffy. In such cases, excessive gum tissues will be cut and removed.
  • Oral injuries: The teeth, gums, and the soft inner lining of the mouth may suffer an injury when the patient undergoes external trauma. It can cause loss of teeth, fractures to the teeth and jawbone, cuts and bleeding. During such emergency situations, get to a dentist as soon as possible to receive immediate dental care.
  • Bone graft: When the jawbone is weak or low in density, it may slowly deteriorate and reduce in thickness. It especially occurs when a person has an extraction as a small amount of jawbone will be removed along with the tooth. To replenish the adequate amount of bone, a bone graft may be recommended by the dentist.
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