Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are popularly known as the best replacement to teeth that have been extracted. Their strong and durable nature puts them ahead of all the other alternatives such as bridges and dentures. Mouhannad Almajdalani, DDS, has conducted numerous implant surgeries in the past and is one of the finest dentists in the San Francisco and Daly City area.

Is replacing missing teeth really necessary?

Missing teeth pose several disadvantages and replacing them is more important that you think it is. Here is why they must be restored at the earliest:
  • When a tooth is extracted, it is removed along with the root. This leaves a gap in the jawbone, providing space for the adjacent teeth to drift from their positions. Further, it can cause malocclusion and loosening of the teeth from their sockets.
  •  A gap in the frontal teeth looks aesthetically displeasing. It can lead to a lot of embarrassment and discomfort.
  • The ability of the patient to bite and chew food will be hindered. Also, the phonetics would be affected.
  • The teeth right next to the gap would face excessive stresses and may wear more than the other teeth.

How is an implant surgery done?

The treatment procedure for getting an implant would begin with a thorough diagnosis of the oral set up. The dentist would check for infections, plaque deposits, malocclusion, gum health, jawbone deterioration, and other such factors that could influence the treatment procedure. A bone graft would be necessary in case of jawbone deterioration to restore it to its original thickness, length, and density. Else, placing the implant would become difficult and it wouldn’t be held firmly in the socket.

The surgery would begin with the dentist administering local anesthesia. This helps to numb the teeth and the gums, preventing pain and discomfort. The implant stud, made up of titanium, would be inserted into the jawbone. For this, a slit would be made on the gums to expose the bone, and a hole would be made in it using high precision dental equipment. The implant will be gently inserted into the drilled hole and allowed to bond with the bone. A healing time of a few weeks is recommended for the implant site to heal and the gums to grow back around the implant stud.

The dentist would have taken molds, x-rays and scans of the teeth to determine the shape, size and exact contour of the crown required. It would be fabricated in a laboratory using dental grade ceramic material to offer superior durability and life-like aesthetics. After the wound heals, an abutment will be placed on the implant, which acts as the connecting element between the metal post and the ceramic crown. The crown will be placed over it and secured firmly with the help of adhesives. Finally, the bite will be checked and any aesthetic changes, if required, will be made.

Why are dental implants highly recommended?

  • Implants look exactly like natural teeth. Their texture, color, and contour can be made to perfectly match that of the adjoining teeth.
  • They restore the functionality of the mouth (such as biting, chewing, and pronunciation).
  • They prevent the drifting of the teeth from their positions, thereby preventing a change in the shape of the jawbone and malocclusion.
  • They are durable, strong and offer high resistance to wear. With proper care, they are known to last for a long time.
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